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The Kpop 100

A Weekly KFic Drabble Challenge

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Kpop Fanfiction Drabble Challenge
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A weekly Kpop fanfic drabble challenge
What is this?
This is a weekly multifandom Kpop fanfiction drabble writing challenge. A drabble, in its old school strict definition, is a story of 100 words exactly—but anything between 100 and 800 words will be accepted for this challenge community.

How do I participate?
A weekly set of prompts will be posted to serve as inspiration for that week's challenge. The person who issued the challenge will select a 'winner' who will issue the next challenge, and so on.

You do not need to sign up to participate—simply post your drabble at any point within the week. If you write more than one fic per challenge, indicate which one you want to be considered in the running.

Your drabble can be about any Kpop group, past or present. The person selecting the winner of that week's challenge should read all the drabbles submitted—not just those for their own favorite Kpop group—so it is recommended that you consider writing your fic in such a way that someone with only a passing familiarity of that group might still be able to enjoy your story—though of course, this isn't required.

Please post one drabble at a time, for archival purposes. I may start an AO3 collection if there is popular demand for it (but it's kind of difficult to do this sort of challenge on AO3).

How do I post my drabble(s)?
Please label the subject of a post containing a drabble with the Title and Challenge #.

The header to a drabble should contain the following:

Please use an lj-cut for the body of your post (ie, the drabble). Please post your drabbles directly to this community, though you can of course repost them elsewhere.

Please note that NC-17 fic will not be accepted for this challenge community.

Choose from the available tags those that are applicable to your entry before you post.

How do I run a challenge?
After a week, the person who posted the challenge should select a winner from among those who posted drabbles. That winner then should issue a new challenge for the next week.

For those issuing a challenge, please label the subject of the post as Challenge #: The Challenge (for example, Challenge #1: Vision). You can provide as many or as few additional prompts as you like, but it's recommended to try to keep them limited to some sort of theme, and that that theme could be relevant to a number of Kpop groups.

Other concerns
Please comment! There aren't very many multifandom spaces for Kpop fic these days, so it would be lovely if this could be one of those. Comments will be the best way to form that community, so if you like something you read, this is your chance to express your feelings! As an obvious note to that—please be constructive, and don't insult an author.

Also, please don't use this community for posting fics that were not written for a challenge and would be more appropriate to another fic comm. There are still active LJ comms and challenges out there, as well as AO3, so I'm sure your fic could find a home elsewhere!

Questions and concerns
Feel free to PM naladot or tweet me at @thekpop100

(this community & its description is based on theavatar100)

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