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26 December 2016 @ 06:47 pm


In the spirit of the holidays we've decided to forgo the traditional weekly challenge this week to run a comment ficathon. Prompting will close on the 1st 8th of January 2017, but remember there is no deadline if you still want to fill up a prompt. I won't be choosing a winner for this week so feel free to write to your heart's content! (Maybe at the end we'll make a shortlist and put up a poll like Challenge #20 but we'll leave that for now)

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13 December 2016 @ 11:22 pm
challenge #24 - merfolk

drabble length: 100-800w
tag: #024: merfolk + #kpop group(s) of your choice

thursday december 22 | 11:59pm pago pago time

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12 December 2016 @ 06:35 pm
Apologies for the delay once again! Here's the winner for Challenge 23:


Please note somewhere in your post that Challenge #24 will end at 11:59 PM Pago Pago time on Friday, December 16.
Congratulations and I look forward to your challenge!
12 December 2016 @ 01:48 pm
Title: burn, baby, burn
Author: kaleid_scopic
Fandom/Characters/Pairing: Blackpink / Jisoo
Rating/Warnings: PG
Challenge # & Prompt: #023 - starting tonight, people will die
Word Count: 396w

In the end, she gave inCollapse )

Hi mods, can I have a blackpink tag please? Thank you! :)
10 December 2016 @ 06:51 pm
Title: crescent-moon night
Author: galaxytaos
Fandom/Characters/Pairing: Seventeen; Jeonghan/Jun ; imaginary sister of Jeonghan's
Rating/Warnings: G; mentions of death
Challenge # & Prompt: #023 - starting tonight, people will die
Word Count: 603w

A crescent moon, a sliver of pale white, hangs in the dark, inky sky. The death knell is ringing.Collapse )
07 December 2016 @ 10:37 pm
Title: in all chaos there is calculation
Author: kagamiwa
Fandom/Characters/Pairing: exo | xiumin
Rating/Warnings: pg-13
Challenge # & Prompt: #023 - starting tonight, people will die
Word Count: 439w

there: the sirensCollapse )

challenge #23 - starting tonight, people will die

Drabble length: 100-800w
Tag: #023: starting tonight people will die  + #kpop group(s) of your choice

Friday December 9 | 11:59pm Pago Pago time

Hello everyone :D

First off, apologies for the late posting this week. Note that the deadline has been pushed back to December 9 to give time to write.

Now, I've noticed that interest in challenges seems to have dwindled a little, so we're going to change some things up. From now on, extra prompt inspiration is optional. The point of the extra inspiration was to help people interpret your prompt in a different way than how it may be seen, and if you think that if your prompt seems straightforward enough then there's no need to post extra images, music etc. However if you think that it'll add another layer to the meaning or atmosphere of the prompt, then go for it!

I'd also like to add that prompts don't have to be a single word and can be a quote or even a universe, e.g. 'superheroes' or 'post-apocalypse'. We're all trying to inspire each other, so please try to be as creative as possible with prompts :)

That's all for now, if you have any questions or suggestions for challenges/whatnot that you would like to see here, please dm or tweet @thekpop100

Good luck and have fun!
04 December 2016 @ 09:59 pm
Default winner:

kagamiwa | even spirits need coffee sometimes

posted on behalf of kyungsoo_sama
15 November 2016 @ 10:58 pm
Title: even spirits need coffee sometimes
Author: kagamiwa
Fandom/Characters/Pairing: btob/4minute | minhyuk/sohyun
Rating/Warnings: G
Challenge # & Prompt: #022 - money
Word Count: 567w

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